The Festival of Horrors “Lockdown”

Event Description

The Festival of Horrors presents : Lockdown.

Due to mass overcrowding in the worlds prison’s a private corporation have set up a new facility at Bellurgan Park to house the worlds most violent criminals with charges such as murder, extortion, abduction and torture along with the worlds worst serial killers who are on death row.

It is rumored that the facility has a more sinister undertone, reports of a dark and evil presence that has infected the minds of the inmates and has turned some of them into twisted creatures more terrifying than anyone could imagine.

This has prompted the question of who or what is really in control of the facility? What is actually going on behind the high walls and razor wire?
The warden has publicly stated that “everything is entirely under our control”  and has dismissed any allegations of torture and mutilations going on inside the prison walls.

The warden has welcomed the state to send all new inmates to the prison between the 25th and 31st of October for sentencing and imprisonment.


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