**Upcoming: Arcadian Field Festival

poster for Arcadian Field boutique music and entertainment festivalArcadian Field will cater for a select number guests on top of artists and volunteers. We want to really look after all our guests and will be offering all inclusive activities such as sound healing, yoga, nature walks, various outdoor activities, tea parties and more as part of the festival. The weekend performances will include music, spoken word, poetry, theatre and acrobatics. All activities and events will take place inside the house, in the connecting walled garden stage and on the larger main stage known as ‘Valhalla’. We really can’t wait to see you there!

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Bellurgan Park from Dave McCabe on Vimeo.


Bellurgan Park is truly unique.  Situated almost exactly half way between Dublin and Belfast on the Carlingford road, the estate has been in the Tipping family since the early 18th Century.

Pass through the Bellurgan Park gates and a wonderful feeling of complete serenity takes hold.  As you drive along the avenue towards the main residence, 390 acres lie as far as the eye can see. This estate of extraordinary natural beauty has remained completely unchanged in the past 300 years and forms a very fine feature in the magnificent mountain and sea scenery which this portion of the coast exhibits.

The dwelling house is extensive and retains all of its period features, standing on a beautifully planted lawn under the lofty shade of the Cooley mountains. To the rear of the house lies the original Dundalk – Carlingford road.

Share in the charm of Bellurgan Park as an ideal venue for weddings, parties, and conferences.

A short step from the house, the cottage walk leads you towards ‘Tippings Wood’ and as you pass through the wonderfully crafted stone arch, a lake of 1.2 acres lies to your left.  As the amazing 200 acres of deciduous woodlands unfolds all around you, the ground rises to the summit of Tippings Rock, where views of Ravensdale, The Cooley Peninsula and the sea give you ample reward for your short climb.

Nestled throughout the 200 acres of woodlands there are a wide variety of outdoor activities to cater for everyones needs.  At Bellurgan Park activities promoting a healthy outdoor experience are centred around a strong sense of community.

Our goal is to protect the natural and built heritage at Bellurgan Park through fully sustainable means, outdoor education, fun and community involvement and to respectfully restore the entire estate to its original condition, providing a safe and controlled venue for participatory cultural experiences.

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