Christmas at Bellurgan Park

Santa and his elves are making his annual trip to Bellurgan Park this December before heading back to the North Pole in time for Christmas Eve.

Bellurgan Park House, with it’s original Georgian period features and the halls decked with thousands of sparkling lights, Christmas trees, holly wreaths and ivy from the estate, makes the perfect setting for a traditional Christmas, an enchanting experience for children and adults alike.

Guests will be greeted at the main entrance to the house before being ushered into the dining room to experience elf school and tour the wonders in the house including Mrs Claus kitchen and the elves workshop, Afterwards every child will meet Santa and get their extra special Christmas present from the man himself in his cosy and magical Grotto.

When the children aren’t meeting Santa the elves will keep them occupied making Christmas tree decorations and cards, gingerbread men and Yule logs to take home. Ms Claus will be serving hot drinks, homemade cakes and mince pies to keep the gentlemen, and ladies, merry.

General Info

The price is €25 per child, 2 adults free per family. Each additional adult is 5 euros, payable at the door, Children under 2 years are free.
Pre booking is essential as tickets on each day are strictly limited to ensure every child has a magical experience.
All tickets are priced individually please contact us for group bookings.
Tickets are non-refundable.
The experience lasts approximately 1 hour.


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7th December 4:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
7th December 4:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
7th December 5:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
7th December 5:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
7th December 6:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
7th December 6:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
7th December 7:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
7th December 7:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
7th December 8:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
8th December 4:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
8th December 4:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
8th December 5:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
8th December 5:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
8th December 6:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
8th December 6:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
8th December 7:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
8th December 7:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
8th December 8:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
9th December 3.00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
9th December 3.30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
9th December 4:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
9th December 4:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
9th December 5:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
9th December 5:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
9th December 6:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
9th December 6:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
9th December 7:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
9th December 7:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
9th December 8:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
14th December 4:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
14th December 4:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
14th December 5:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
14th December 5:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
14th December 6:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
14th December 6:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
14th December 7:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
14th December 7:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
14th December 8:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
15th December 4:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
15th December 4:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
15th December 5:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
15th December 5:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
15th December 6:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
15th December 6:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
15th December 7:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
15th December 7:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
15th December 8:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
16th December 3:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
16th December 3:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
16th December 4:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
16th December 4:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
16th December 5:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
16th December 5:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
16th December 6:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
16th December 6:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
16th December 7:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
16th December 7:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
16th December 8:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
19th December 4.00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
19th December 4:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
19th December 5:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
19th December 5:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
19th December 6:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
19th December 6:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
19th December 7:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
19th December 7:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
19th December 8:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
20th December 4:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
20th December 4:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
20th December 5:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
20th December 5:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
20th December 6:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
20th December 6:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
20th December 7:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
20th December 7:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
20th December 8:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
21st December 4:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
21st December 4:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
21st December 5:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
21st December 5:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
21st December 6:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
21st December 6:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
21st December 7:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
21st December 7:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
21st December 8:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
22nd December 4:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
22nd December 4:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
22nd December 5:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
22nd December 5:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
22nd December 6:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
22nd December 6:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
22nd December 7:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
22nd December 7:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
22nd December 8:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
23rd December 3:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
23rd December 3:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)   Sold Out
23rd December 4:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
23rd December 4:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
23rd December 5:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
23rd December 5:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
23rd December 6:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
23rd December 6:30pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)  
23rd December 7:00pmshow details + €25.00 (EUR)